The Tooth Fairy

Little E cut his two bottom teeth in January.  Since then we've been waiting for the top two to come through.  Once he started, Big E's teeth came bursting through his gums like machine gun fire.  He had most of his teeth well before he turned one.

This aided in the introduction of real food.  As you know, teeth are very useful in chewing.

I've been diligently monitoring Little E's top gums and I am finally seeing some action.  He is currently cutting four teeth up top.  Poor baby.  He cannot find enough things to chew on.  The drool production is in overdrive.  He soaks through his bib and then his outfit.  I really should just keep him naked at this point.

I broke down last night and give him some baby Advil.

Here's hoping he's got some teeth in by Monday night as I'm sure he'll want to get in on the Matzoh action.


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