My Monkey

Today I ran to Babies R Us to pick up some supplies for the little Yoys.  My list included toothpaste and toothbrushes as Big E likes to almost eat his toothbrushes which makes their shelf life about two weeks.

I tossed the bag on the kitchen table when I got home.  It remained there all day.

After dinner I was running around downstairs trying to get the trash together to take out for pick-up.  I heard Big E repeating "Thomas, Thomas".  I figured he just wanted to watch some Thomas the Train.  I walked into the kitchen and there he was sitting in the middle of our glass kitchen table.  He had fished out his Thomas toothpaste from the bag and was trying to open the box.

I was shocked when I saw him up on the table.  I was sort of glad that I didn't see him climb up.  I would have had a heart attack.

On a positive note, he seems to really be into brushing his teeth.  Yay for personal hygiene!


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