Shape Up

We are big into shapes here at the Yoy household.  We have toys that identify shapes and books.  Big E requests that I draw shapes with chalk on the driveway and with crayons on his art easel.  We have even expanded beyond the holy trinity of the square, circle, and triangle.

Today Big E pointed out his window and exclaimed...





Sure enough, he was pointing at the four-way stop outside his window.  There are four stop signs, or in his mind, octagons.

I was so impressed with him.  How smart is my Big E?

When Mr. Yoy came home we were talking about our day and I told him this story.  I was beaming with pride.  Then Mr. Yoy burst my bubble.  He said he had showed Big E the stop signs yesterday and explained to him that they were octagons.

Dang, I am NOT raising a baby genius!

There is always hope for Little E.


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