I Gambled and I Lost

Picture this: bath and bed time at the Yoy household.

I already had Little E down for the count.  I was sitting in the rocking chair in Big E's room and chatting on the phone with Cousin Yoy.  Big E was really excited for bath time and was systematically removing his clothing.  He got everything off but his diaper.  He asked me for help and I obliged.

I'm half paying attention (my bad) and Big E is standing naked in the middle of the bedroom.  Then, like a beautifully sculpted fountain, Big E starts peeing all over the carpet.  I scream out and startle him.  I also cause severe hearing damage to Cousin Yoy who unfortunately is still on the phone with me.

No harm, no foul.  I clean up the urine which is child's play compared to some of the stuff I've cleaned up this week.

But this starts me thinking.  Potty training is forever on the horizon, taunting me.  I am disturbed because Big E had no idea he was going to the bathroom until I screamed.  The thought of Big E running around the house, diaperless, during the potty training process scares me.

Big E may or may not be ready to potty train, but I am definitely not.


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