Introducing Skeletor

Shortly after making his appearance on Earth, Little E inflated to the size of a Smart Car.

There were rolls, creases, folds, and my favorite, the rubber bands, all over his body.  

I had to fend off total strangers who wanted to poke and prod him like he was the Pillsbury Dough Baby.

I know you are growing tired of me blogging about Little E's girth, but what I'm going to tell you right now will BLOW...YOUR...MIND.

As I was diapering Little E this evening post-bath, he was wiggling around quite a bit and did a full body stretch and that's when I saw them.


They were protruding from his trunk like he was some high-paid b*tchy super model.

YOU HAVE RIBS!  (I actually joyfully exclaimed this to no one, except maybe the dog).

I thought Little E's ribs were only a myth.  

So this is what it must have felt like the first time some one caught sight of the Loch Ness monster.  

In honor of this shocking discovery, I've decided to put together a short list of some of my favorite myths.

1) People who hate dessert

2) Bigfoot

3) Faithful Politicians

4) My six pack (abs, not beer)

5) Jewish Athletes

Care to add any to my list?

Little E started out like this...

But has recently morphed into this guy...


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