Mrs. Yoy: An Undomesticated Goddess

I'm going to say it.  I pretty much hate to cook.  

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating home cooked meals.  I can control what is going into the food we are eating. And I LOVE control.

My fatal flaw is that dinner is at the end of the day.  

By the time dinner rolls around I am exhausted.  I am on empty.  All I want to do is sit the boys down at the table and throw whatever food I happen to have in my fridge at that moment on the table, toss them a couple of forks, and yell out GO TO TOWN!  Plates are optional.

The crock pot has been my window back into cooking.  I prepare things in the morning, before my patience wears out.  I cook it all day and by dinner time my house smells delish and we have something real to eat.

This weekend I found a recipe for homemade mac n cheese in the crockpot.  Whole grain pasta, all organic cheese, milk, eggs -- it sounded like such a wonderful and loving thing to make the Yoys.

I made it today.

I actually shredded cheese.  From a block.  Who knew it didn't always come in a resealable bag?  My hand was hurting after the shredding, I was using muscles I didn't know I had.

I threw everything into the pot and stirred it frequently to make sure the pasta cooked evenly.  This was serious effort from Mrs. Yoy.

It looked and smelled delicious.  I was so excited to serve it up.

I plated the MNC and brought over my creation to my kids.  I also included some steamed veggies and watermelon.  I may have even yelled TA-DA!

Both Yoys briefly poked at the pasta and then thumbed their noses at it.  They ate their veggies and fruit and left the MNC untouched.

I was so insulted.  That was the last time I cooked for these ingrates.

Next time, they'll be eating Target brand MNC.

That'll fix their wagons!

I'm off to ice my hand.  Ouch.
What's next?  Ordering a Big Mac when we take them to Bone's?


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