Let My People Go

Passover is right around the corner.

Here at the Yoys, we have yet to purge all the delicious bread products from our pantry.

But don't get me wrong.  We are super amped about Passover.  We even brought out of retirement the giant cardboard bricks to do some building and wrecking.

I use "we" very liberally.

It ended up being me, sitting on the floor, while Big E barked at me to build a tower, a bridge, a tunnel, and finally, a pyramid.

And after 30-something Seders under my belt, I finally appreciated what my people had gone through in Egypt.

Big E was Pharaoh and I was tasked with building his stupid pyramids.  All he needed was a crazy hat and some killer eyeliner (The Ten Commandments Movie Joke!)

This sucked.

Dry your eyes, folks.  It gets better.  I had the last laugh on my taskmaster.

Big E requested he be entombed in his tower of terror.


If only Little E's hot cottage cheese breath didn't bring the whole structure crashing down.



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