Mr. & Mrs. Yoy: Partners in Crime

I began blogging because I wanted a creative outlet to vent the frustrations and joys and madness of quasi-single parenting.

I always say that Mr. Yoy works all the time, and by all the time I mean my kids point to Mr. Yoy's office building and refer to it as his home.

It's not that Mr. Yoy hates us (at least I don't believe he does), it's just that he is working his a** off to ensure our future is financially stable.  And while I joke and (fake) complain about it endlessly, I get it and I respect his work ethic, integrity, and sacrifice.  It is incredible and endless.

Today, Mr. Yoy was rewarded for his outstanding work.  He was promoted to partner at his law firm.

And in a weird way, I felt like I was promoted, too.

All the weeknight dinners and baths and stories that I do solo each and every night.

All the weekend days when I'm scurrying for things to do with the boys while all our friends are spending time as a family.

All the evenings sitting in swampy Buckhead traffic as I shuttle the Yoys to the office so they can have dinner with their dad.

All the fun events I missed because my babysitter was busy.

Suddenly, it didn't seem so bad.

I'm not unrealistic.  I know that Mr. Yoy's future as a partner holds nothing but work and more work and probably a ton more bullsh*t than we ever anticipated. But his sacrifices have not gone unnoticed, to me nor his firm, and it fills me with such pride.

Now on to more pressing issues.

Did I hear someone say diamond ring upgrade?

Infringers beware!  Mr. Yoy is coming for you!

***Dedicated to all my fellow lawyer widows out there!


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