Mr. Yoy: Clearly Don't Pull His Finger

After months of boycotting the Yoys' weekly Shabbat school program due to their ill behavior, I have begun to reintroduce myself.

The first few weeks back haven't been too bad.  For the most part, the boys have behaved and Big E fully understands that any bullsh*t from him will result in my self-exiling, again.

In between songs today, Big E walked up to me, pulled my finger, and yelled out FART!


I growled at him and give him my sternest-you-are-in-serious-sh*t look.  

He did it again.  And again.

I could feel my face heat up and turn bright red.  I glanced around to see who had heard our exchange.

For the record, I do not sit around my house having my kids pull my fingers while farting on demand.  I'm sure you didn't need me to clarify that, but I did regardless.

But where on Earth did Big E pick up such a disgusting and rude party trick you may ask?

Look no further than Mr. Yoy.  It's a shame he missed Big E's grand debut of the pull-my-finger gag in the midst of Shabbat services.

Being the only female in our family, this is my destiny, my life sentence.  Pray for me.

I can't wait to uncover other little awesome nuggets Mr. Yoy is passing down to the Yoys.


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