Mrs. Yoy: Censorship Is My Friend

The following books have been forever banned from the Yoy bedtime library.

1)  Books with sounds.  The Yoys fight to the death over who gets to press the train whistle button.  I'm not having it.

2) Books with flaps.  The Yoys (AGAIN) fight to the death over who gets to lift/rip off the flap.  Spoiler Alert:  Peek-a-boo!  It's always the same damn baby under there.

3) I SPY books.  They may only be a few pages long,  but their length to actual reading time ratio is alarmingly high.

4) The entire Five Little Monkeys series.  This just incites bed jumping and overall wildness that is incompatible with bedtime.

Follow these guidelines to insure a much smoother (and shorter!) bedtime routine.

And feel free to add onto the list.  I'm always looking for ways to further streamline the bedtime process.

You are welcome.

One of the forbidden...


  1. Ban books that specifically mention being afraid of the dark. S was never afraid at all until she read a book about a girl that was.....stupid book.

  2. I never thought of that! Another good topic to avoid!


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