Little E: Boarding the Potty Train?

After months of talking it up, bribery, and cheerleading, Little E finally caved under the pressure.

He parked his adorable, squishy bottom on the singing potty and urine actually came out.

Even better, Big E sat on the regular toilet and they went in unison, side-by-side.  (I took a photo, but I want my kids to love me when they grow up, so I won't post it here.)

Quite possibly my finest mommy moment to date.

I'm not patting myself on the back just yet.  I, in no way, believe Little E is ready to make the transition from heavenly diapers to every-public-restroom-on-the-planet hell.

I'm just saying he acknowledged that toilets do exist.  This gives me a nugget of hope.

This toilet haunts my dreams.


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