Little E: Diaper "Car"nage

I scooped Little E out of his crib this morning.

He was smiley and happy and hi mommy-ing himself silly.

I hugged him close to me.


Ugh, he peed through his diaper.

I quickly hoisted him up to his changing table.  He refused to lay down so I stripped him as he stood there, precariously balanced with his arms death hugging my neck.

As I released the tabs of his diaper, the weight of a night of urine caused a dramatic thud of his diaper.

Something blue caught my eye.


Upon further examination, I was able to determine the specimen.

It was a matchbox car.

I laughed.  He laughed.

Don't worry.  I don't think Little E ate a car and then gracefully and painlessly pooped it out.

His crib is full of all sorts of goodies, including a rogue car or train.

I'm just interested in how the car made its way into the bowels of his tightly closed diaper.

I guess I'll never know.  Like Stonehenge. 

Good morning!  You are the last thing I expected to find in my son's diaper!


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