Lurkey Turkey

We live in a very eclectic area of Atlanta.  After emerging from the Boca Raton cocoon, I've settled in an area where I see all sorts of crazy in my neighborhood and that's part of its charm.

Our newest neighbor is a wild turkey.  And while some of my country readers may not think a turkey is that big of a deal, watching this turkey navigate the busy roads of Atlanta is pretty amazing.

Lurkey Turkey, as he as been christened, even has his own Facebook page where you can keep track of the latest community sightings.

Yesterday we drove by Lurkey hanging out in the parking lot of the local veterinarian's office, perhaps visiting some friends.  This is impressive as he managed to cross a six lane, heavily traveled road.

This was the first time we've seen him in person.  The Yoys went bananas.


CAN WE CARVE HIM UP AND EAT HIM? (cover your ears, sweet Lurkey)

They could not stop talking about the turkey.

When Little E saw Mr. Yoy this morning, it was one of the first things he had to tell him.


Not to be outdone, Mr. Yoy mentioned to the boys that he works with Wild Turkey.

Their eyes widened into saucers.

They are too young to realize that Mr. Yoy does legal work for the liquor brand and does not actually have a wild turkey working at his law firm.

For now, we will let their imaginations run wild.  Just like Lurkey.

Dinner, is that you?


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