Big E: He Lives For The Applause (Applause, Applause)

This afternoon I spent the better part of an hour picking out both warm AND stylish outfits for the boys to wear on our weekend jaunt to New Jersey.  I folded everything neatly and placed the clothes in the bonus room where I would decide which suitcase to bring once I had packed my things.

During a post bath, Lady Gaga fueled dance psychosis, Big E decided to Swedish Chef all my hard work.  I was blissfully unaware of this as I lotioned up Little E and painfully inched him into a pair of footed pajamas.

I falsely believed I was nearing the end of my Thursday to-do list.  But, alas, I was not.

I've looked at it long enough.  Time to refold and reorganize and pack.  New Jersey, here we come!


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