Big E: Thankswriting

My main mothering goal in life is to raise boys that grow into respectful, well-mannered, and productive young doctors men.

It will be my greatest legacy. 

There are days that I think the Yoys have no hope.  They bark orders at me. There isn't a please or thank you to be uttered.  It's disheartening.

Other days, it comes organically and my smile is as wide as the ocean.

Today's life lesson for Big E was the thank you note.  Up until now, I've authored his thank you notes.  But now that he is six and has semi-legible handwriting, I've turned it over to him.

Big E has seven thank you notes to write. 

In the three hours since I suggested he write thank yous, he's made it through two.  And it was painful.  He requested a snack break after note one.  Hopefully, he can get the remaining five buttoned up by the time his birthday rolls around again in 2015.

His notes also come with artwork.


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