The Art of Teeth Brushing

I'm pretty sure that by the time Big E is four years old, he will have no teeth.  Not because his baby teeth will have fallen out by then, but because they will have rotted out of his head.

I am really struggling with getting him to brush his teeth.  I used to brush his teeth in the tub and have now moved him to the sink.

I have shown him everyday, for what seems like forever, how to do it.  I even sometimes grab the brush and get in a few swipes off my own.  In general, it starts with the Thomas the Train toothpaste.  I put a little on his brush and he just sucks it all off like it is candy.  Gross, I know.

I am feeling frustrated about it and am almost ready to give up.  Maybe it is just easier to surrender, let all of his teeth fall out, and feed him applesauce and yogurt until his adult teeth come in.  Then we will have a fresh start.

I'm taking any tricks or suggestions.

Thanks, readers!


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