The Great Stall Job

No, I'm not talking about the Ford Explorer.  I'm talking about Big E.  He will do just about anything not to go to bed for the night.

We read like 43 books.  I have to tuck him in just so.  I line up his six crib-mates.  (See Eight is a crowd)

After he is tucked in I fish for loving phrases like...

I love you, mommy!


See you tomorrow!

But usually when I ask him what he wants to say to me it goes something like this...

I got fancy shoes!

Eat donuts with Uncle Yoy!

Elmo and Cookie Monster at the shoe store!

Go to New York!

Playground with Lady E!

Play rocks with Lady P!

Daddy go to airport!

It goes on and on until I finally turn around and leave.

First of all, the above phrases are actually true and are things that we have talked about or have happened in the past 48 hours.

Second of all, I was not born yesterday.  I recognize that he is stalling the inevitable -  that I am going to walk out of the room and he is going to go to sleep.

I applaud his efforts, but my desire for an evening break overrides his desire to narrate the events of his two year old life.


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