The Sound Machine

Since Big E was a month old, he has had a sound machine in his room that plays white noise.  When he was very young he would fall asleep instantly when I turned it on and his eyes would pop open the second I turned it off.

It isn't as effective in getting him to sleep anymore, but I do think it keeps him asleep and if he does wake up in the middle of the night, he usually goes right back to sleep.

Our sound machine sometimes shorts out after I have turned it on and left the room.  Tonight, I heard Big E calling for me after I had put him to bed and gone downstairs to clean up.  I figured it was one of his ploys to get me back in there, so I ignored him.  He eventually quieted down and went to sleep.

When I came upstairs for the night, I went to check on Big E.  As I approached his door I heard such a frightening sound.   SILENCE!

Oh no, the machine had turned off.  What to do?!

Do I go in and turn it on and run the risk of waking him up?

Do I just roll the dice and hope he sleeps through the night?

I decided to sneak in and slowly turn up the volume.  As I turned the knob he started to stir and I went quickly slinking out of there.  I waited a few minutes and decided it wasn't loud enough.  I was crazy enough to go back in there and crank it louder.

I succeeded!  He didn't wake up and now I am not worried that he'll awake at 3AM and start yelling for me.

Good night to Mrs. Yoy!


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