Holy Trinity

Big E loves himself any sort of truck/car with a purpose.  This includes, but is not limited to:

1) Fire trucks
2) Garbage trucks
3) School buses
4) Ambulances
5) Police cars
6) Mail trucks
7) Gas tankers

Today, we had the perfect storm converge on the front of our house right as we got home from preschool.  I was unloading Big E and our mailman pulled up.  I took Big E out so he could wave hello.  Just then a Fulton County Sheriff pulled up and exchanged words with the mailman.  (I'm assuming they were talking about the gobs and gobs of mail that is stolen from our neighborhood weekly, but who knows for sure).  And if that wasn't enough to push the little Yoy over the edge the garbage truck came barreling down our street.  The driver, a friendly lady, slowed down and gave Big E and couple of honks.

This kid was in heaven.  He didn't know what to do.  He just started rattling off everything he saw.

Mail!  Garbage!  Police!

I swear his head turned in a complete circle.  It was awesome!


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