It's all fun and games until Little E vomits in the tub

I am always looking to streamline the mothering process.  The evening hours are brutal, as I have written about many times.

Now that Little E sits up in the tub, I have decided to bath the Yoys together.  One, this saves a tub full of water every day.  Two, this saves me some time.  And three, and most importantly, it gives Big E a little more playtime in the tub.  This is crucial.

Tonight the boys were playing together in the tub.  Big E was splashing and screaming and Little E was mirroring him and having a great time.  We were having a nice family moment.

Then I saw it.  And unidentified orange slick moving atop the water on Little E's end of the tub.  It was Little E's dinner, carrots and tomatoes.  And, scene.  Bath time was over.

Big E was not too jazzed.  He started to put up a fight.  I attempted to reason with him.

Big boys don't bathe in vomit!

As usual, this was futile.  But, I have a slight strength advantage over Big E.  So I just pulled the plug and lifted a whining Big E out of the tub.

We'll get it right one of these days.


  1. I really want you guys to have a reality show....THE YOYS...I would watch it!!

  2. I'll have to run the idea by Mr. Yoy. He has always wanted to be an actor.


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