Ladies Man

Big E has the face of an angel.  I know that I'm his mother and I have to say this, but he really does.

At the ripe old age of two, he is learning to work it.  Watching him figure this out is fascinating.

Today he was out front with his girlfriend--we'll call her Lady P.  Big E tripped and fell.  He started to fake cry.  This is one of his new tricks.  Lady P went to his side and told him not to cry.  She then leaned in, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him the hug to end all hugs.

I saw the light go on in Big E's head.  He did it again.  And again, Lady P was there to comfort him with her sweet words and hugs.  He was on to something.  Over the next 30 minutes the two kids repeated this scene.  Lady P's mom and I watched in amazement.

Big E is already learning the art of manipulating women.  High school is going to be a bitch.


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