RIP Sweet Potato

It was like a murder scene, except instead of blood, it was sweet potato and it was everywhere.

In every crack, crevice, and wrinkle of Little E's body there was a slick orange coating.  It had been mixed with bananas which made it worse.  It was like a body mask.  I wish I had taken pictures because I cannot even begin to do the scene justice.

I weighed my options.  My first thought was to just recline the highchair all the way back and let Little E sleep there tonight.  Just the thought of cleaning off the little yoy was making me exhausted.  I'd deal with it in the morning, or let Mr. Yoy handle it when he got home.

Then I envisioned rolling his highchair onto the patio, unwinding the garden hose and just blasting away.  It is 90 degrees here today, so the cold water would probably feel good.

My motherly instincts got the best of me and I took him out of the highchair and brought him upstairs to take a bath.  While I was drawing the bath, Little E sat in his diaper on the floor playing with some cups.  What I didn't realize is that he had had a poonami up his back.

What happened next is pretty much a blur, but I ended up with poop on my shirt and poop all over Little E, including his arms (via a partial somersault on the changing table).

I finally got Little E in the tub for a major scrub down.  He is clean and sleeping now.

Lesson learned:  I should have hosed him off out back.


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