Casey Anthony Trial: I can't stop watching

It is like a soap opera.

There are some seriously messed up people involved in this trial.  The whole thing is very sad and sometimes I feel like the personalities overshadow the fact that a little girl was murdered.

Watching the trial, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that Casey Anthony stoically sits there and rarely tears up.

While there are days that I am so frustrated that I lock myself in the bathroom for my own time out, I cannot imagine the thought of something happening to the little Yoys.  I would lose my mind and "tot mom" (shout out to Nancy Grace!) is so calm.  It is eerie to me.

Personally, I think she did it.  I know they don't have that much evidence, but if anything, she should be convicted for being the world's crappiest mother.

That is all, sorry for the tangent.  I'm back to HLN.


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