When the lights go down...

On Big E's head.

I had just brought both Yoys upstairs to wind down before nap time.  They were playing nicely.  Big E grabbed his bear out of his crib and was swinging him around.  He launched bear up in the air and he landed behind the couch, just out of Big E's reach.

At that moment, I realized that I had to use the restroom, pronto.  Those two Coke Zeros I had ingested earlier in the day to keep me awake had gone right through me.  As I walked into our bathroom I told Big E I would get bear for him in a minute.

Then I heard it.  A loud crash.  I ran into the bonus room and there was the floor lamp lying on its side.  It had taken off some wall paint on its journey from standing next to the couch to its current position.

I assessed the damage.  Besides the wall, no children or lamps were hurt.  Big E was crying hysterically. I think it scared him and he knew he was in big-time trouble.  Not to be left out, Little E started crying, too.

They were both crying.  Why does this keep happening?  I check my watch.  It has only been 43 minutes since the babysitter left.  Why do I feel like this day has been an eternity?

I grab Little E and try to soothe him while I explain to Big E in my best mommy voice that I am only upset with him because the lamp could have fallen on him.  I explained to him that the lamp was off limits.

The Yoy unison crying continued.  I decided there was no greater time than the present to start nap time.

Do you hear that?



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