Showering with the Karate Kid

I was taking a shower in my parents bathroom.  I left the door to the bathroom open as I know I have forfeited all privacy via my children.  Big E was in there within two seconds of me turning on the water.

The shower door glass is frosted so I can only see a vague shadow of Big E.  But he narrates everything he is doing, so I know he is there.

I hear him rambling about paper towels and cleaning up water.  I'm not sure where he got the paper towels or why there would be water as the shower is enclosed.  I see lots of movement through the glass.  What is going on out there?

I open up the shower door a smidge and see that Big E has pulled all of the toilet paper off the roll and is vigorously wiping the floor.  Yikes.  I yell for reinforcements, Grandma.  She comes in and takes all of the "paper towels" away from Big E.

About the time I am washing my face he realizes he can reach the light switches in this place.  Score!

He proceeds to say "Light on!  Light off!"  for the remainder of my shower.  The lights flicker on, the lights flicker off.  Hey, am I at my parents house or a Miami nightclub?

As I rinse out my conditioner I think wow, this sure was an enjoyable shower.


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