My Inner Rage

I feel like everyone has a finite amount of patience.  I have always been blessed in the patience department, but these days it is quickly spent on my children.

Today we had to abandon 285 due to a wreck and were taking the back roads home.  There was a motorcyclist that exited the highway behind me.  I had a moment of pity for him.  As I peered at him through the rear view mirror I saw him unzip his jacket and try and cool himself off a bit.  Temperatures here are approaching 100 degrees and I cannot imagine wearing a jacket.  Anyway, that moment passed quickly.

When the light turned green we both made lefts and he quickly did a zippity move to cut me off and get in front of me.  Unfortunately for him we both got stuck at the next light.  I'd just like to say that I get really upset when people drive irresponsibly now that I'm carting around the Yoys.  Yes, I have a big car with all of the latest safety features, but I am still wary of the ATL drivers.

As we are sitting at this red light my inner rage starts burning in my belly.  Was his move really necessary with my two babies in the car?  So, being the mature, careful mother that I am, I started inching up on his little Honda.  I promise you it took all of my willpower not to slam on my accelerator and just flatten him like a pancake.

Then I would say something really cool like...

Oh, I don't know.  I can never think of something clever to say.

But I would feel so much better knowing him and his motorcycle would think twice before pulling that move again.  Especially to one Mrs. Yoy.


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