Frozen Meatballs: It's not what's for dinner

Dinner time yesterday was its usual cluster.  Little E was in the highchair crying for his food.  Big E was under my feet.  I was frantically pulling food out of the fridge.  I flung open the freezer to grab a bag of frozen vegetables when a tupperware full of frozen meatballs took a suicidal leap.  It glanced off of Big E's head and then exploded on the floor.  Who knew that frozen tupperware shattered like glass?

Big E started screaming.  I picked him up and tried to comfort him.  Bad frozen meat balls!  I had two screaming kids.  Ugh.  In the meantime, the poodle was there to lick the frozen meat.  She is good for nothing.  I put Big E down and told him not to move as I cleaned up all the pieces of tupperware.

Mr. Yoy was more upset that I had to throw out the meatballs than the fact that Big E was injured in the event.

Today, I am going to reorganize the freezer to avoid future food catastrophes.


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