Turning the corner

Big E dumped out all of his blocks to build a castle.  When he was finished with his blocks I asked him to please put them back in their bin.  Without so much as an objection, he started singing the Clean-up song and put all of his blocks back.

I almost fainted.  It has been a constant battle of wills with him. Unfortunately for him, I am ranked in the Top 5 for most stubborn human on the planet, so I always win.

I praised him and told him what a good clean up job he was doing. I really was so proud, I can't put it into words.  It is like seeing all of your hard work finally come to fruition.

I feel like we have definitely turned the corner.  Don't get me wrong, he still ignores me plenty, but I feel like I am chipping away at his two year old armor.

We leave tomorrow for my brother's wedding in NY.  I have been dangling this as a prize for about two months.

For example:  If you don't let me change your diaper, you can't go to NY.  Instant diaper change.

I'll be sad when I lose that leverage.  But I am hopeful.


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