Happy Thanksgiving from Big E

Raising a kid is hard as hell.

For those of you that haven't yet swam in the parenting pool, you are lucky in a way.

Once your baby is born, everything you do shapes this little person.

I've watched in pride (and sometimes horror) as things Mr. Yoy and I have done as parents presents itself in my kids' actions and comments.

We have many hopes and dreams for the Yoys, one of which would be to have compassionate, philanthropic children.

I read an article recently that children receive more pleasure from giving than receiving.  I discussed it with Mr. Yoy and we decided to do a food drive in lieu of gifts for Big E's 4th birthday party.

I'm not going to lie.  The first ten or so times I mentioned it, Big E was not super jazzed about it.  He wanted TOYS!  Which, by the way, we in no way need.

We talked about the food drive to Big E and eventually he came around, or at least stopped complaining about it.

The day of his party arrived and his friends did not disappoint.  We had bags upon bags of food to donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank and we were so excited to do it.  Some were even in Neiman Marcus bags which gave me a good chuckle (nice touch, by the way, but not at all surprising).

Mr. Yoy, through his many connections, arranged for us to meet the big boss at the food bank.  We went over this morning and were able to receive a tour of the facilities (which were insanely huge and organized) and hear a little bit more about the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

I was beaming with pride as Big E carried cans from our trunk and placed them in the food bin.  He was so happy to help.

I'm not sure if he fully understands what it means to be hungry just yet, but I feel like we are giving him a good foundation and an important life experience.

Hopefully we can make this a yearly event and that Big E grows up to be an aware and caring young man.

On the other hand, it is Mr. Yoy and me raising these kids, so you never really know...

Big E dropping his cans into the bin.


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