Help! I'm Raising a 1980s Valley Girl!

Oh, the L word.

Care to take a guess?  It has infiltrated our daily dialogue.  Overuse of the word demands an automatic deduction of 50 IQ points.

And the disease has spread to Big E.

I only recently noticed his affinity for using LIKE.

It would be one thing if Big E were a Facebook post.  In that case, you can never have enough likes. But he is a mere, almost four year old.

Sometimes I have to laugh because I expect him to follow it with GAG ME WITH A SPOON! or something equally as relevant.

My giggles quickly morph into sobs, because there is only one person he would have picked that up from.

That would be the person he spends the majority of his life with, me.

So maybe I need to rename my blog.  The Valley Girl Blog.  It has a nice ring to it.

Anyhow, I have got to eliminate this word from my vocabulary.

Like now.

Get it?

Maybe I need to set up a LIKE jar.  It could be my New Year's resolution.  That and losing 50 pounds.


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