Cheese Pizza, hold the hair

Today we met Mr. Yoy for lunch.  We decided to head over to Fellini's.

When Big E's cheese pizza arrived, Mr. Yoy began pulling it apart and cooling it off.  He handed Big E the crust immediately because he likes to play with it/eat it.  Mr. Yoy pulled off something that could have either been:

1) Melty cheese stretched out so far it resembled hair or
2) Straight up hair

We determined it was hair.

After I had a major gagging, gross-out moment, we debated whether just to pull the hair off and give the pizza to Big E.  He was hungry and we weren't sure his patience would hold out.  We'd already gone through all of the pre-game snacks.

The conversation went something like this:

Mr. Yoy: He eats food off the floor all the time.
Mrs. Yoy: Good point.  Big E, what do you think about the pizza/hair situation?
Big E: Well, he says nothing, but has his eyes closed doing his best Stevie Wonder impression.  In place of Stevie's harmonica, is the pizza crust.  He is jamming out.
Mr. Yoy:  Seems like he is game.

So, we gave it to him.  We are bad parents, I know.

He proceeded to take his pizza and rub it all over his hair and then eat it.

His hair, the cook's hair-does it really matter all that much?

We feel we made a solid decision.


  1. There was the first hair that I deftly removed and hid, and the second hair, which I pointed out to Mrs. Yoy and discussed with her. Definitely not Fellini's finest moment, but I was pleased to learn about the "kiddie cut" for pizza. Who knew? I'm also glad to have some pizza ads on the blog for a change. This blog is making me hungry.


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