Please don't judge me...

Little E struggled with terrible baby acne from around 3-8 months old.  He even has some scars on his face from some really bad past pimples.  Today they look like freckles.  I'm hoping eventually they'll fade.

So he's been zit free for a few months.  Sunday morning I noticed a new one developing on his cheek.  Good lord, he is giving 13 year old, chocolate loving girls a run for their money.

It grew and it grew and today when he woke up, the pimple actually told me it had applied for its own social security number.  It had developed into a whole other person. (Mr. Yoy commented that I finally had a third child).

I am a pimple picker, I admit it.  It has taken all of my willpower not to take the top of this zit off.  We had a new playgroup today and I was not going to let my sweet boy go out in public with this blemish.

Mr. Yoy talked me down from the baby pimple popping.  But I didn't let this pimple defeat me.  Here comes the judgy part.  I put make-up on my baby.

There, I said it.

It took the redness out and he looked much better.

If things don't improve you may be seeing Little E on a Proactiv commercial very soon.


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