This is my weapon for fighting the mommy mush brain.  I play these puzzles as much as I can to keep my mind sharp. I've worked my way up from medium to hard and occasionally I can complete a challenger puzzle.  I am very proud of that, by the way.

Some evenings, after Little E has gone to bed, Big E and I will curl up in the Yoy bed to unwind.  I'll grab my puzzle book and he'll watch a little Mickey Mouse Club.

Recently, Big E has taken an interest in "mommy's numbers book," as he calls it.  So while I am concentrating to the point that steam is coming out of my ears, Big E sits on my shoulder, like a little parrot, shouting things like:  7....4....1....5....8....9.

I don't know if you've ever played Sudoku, but it takes a ton of concentration and Big E's commentary is making my puzzle time way harder than it needs to be.

I have to laugh because he is just pointing out numbers that he sees.  But as my mind races to fill in the missing blanks it now has to compete with Big E's number nugget suggestions.

I feel like my Sudoku ability should be handicapped for this interference.  Maybe like Golf.  Or Bowling.

"Play numbers, mommy?" - Big E after bath time


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