Make it rain!

Uncle Yoy's birthday is quickly approaching.  I took the Yoys up to Hallmark to pick out some birthday cards.

I immediately noticed a fatal design flaw in my local Hallmark.  The aisles containing the greeting cards were a tad narrow.  Today I was rocking the double umbrella stroller, which isn't obscenely wide.

I pulled the stroller up to the Uncle cards.  Little E immediately put down the car he was gnawing on and grabbed a couple of cards.  Hmmm...this isn't working.  So I move the stroller over in the aisle.

I didn't realize that on the other side of the aisle were all of the children's cards with Mickey, Cars, and every other enticing animated character known to a two year old.

As I picked up and put down the uncle cards, I turned to see Big E literally "making it rain" greeting cards.  He kept shouting "LOOK AT ALL THE STARS!"

Good-ness!  I move the stroller to one side and Little E is eating paper like it is his job.  I move the stroller to the other side and Big E has his grubby hands on everything.

Luckily, our friendly Hallmark lady came over and entertained the kids with the musical cards until I had selected the birthday cards for Uncle Yoy.  I hurriedly straightened up our aftermath and hightailed it out of there.

I'm sure they were happy to see us go.


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