Like a bull in a china shop...

After a Yoy family lunch today, Mr. Yoy and I had a horrible idea.

There is this really cute Buckhead boutique that we are forever window browsing when we visit this shopping center.  Today, for reasons unknown to me, we thought we should go inside to look at the pretty dresses.  Mr. Yoy offered to hold Little E while I looked around.  Big E was set free to roam the store.  Fortunately, we were the only ones in there.

Unfortunately, Big E found the rack of overpriced Lilly Pulitzer dresses to run full speed into.  As he buried his post-lunch hands and face into the pale pink shift, I had a major heart attack.  I'm sure this dress costs no less than $300.

And with that, we called it.  We apologized profusely to the sales lady.  She gave me a knowing look and said "I understand.  My sons are 5 and 7."  


She also mentioned a super big sale in early August, so maybe Big E's antics saved us some dough.

The most interesting part of the whole event was that Big E was seriously upset that we were leaving.  Tears, real tears.  Um, we are not at Disney World, we are at Mint Julep.


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