A Replacement Poppy

Yesterday, I met Aunt Yoy up at the train museum in Kennesaw.

We love the train museum for many reasons.

1) My kids would give any major appendage to play with trains.  They are not choosy as to what type.  Just give it to them.  Now.  Please.

2) The train museum has a large children's area which is almost always empty.  It's like our own private museum.  Me likey!

3) It guarantees a BM.  I don't know if they just get so excited it stirs up the digestion process or what, but it is a rather odd phenomenon.

As we entered the train holy land, we noticed a grandfather playing with his grandson, who had just turned three.

The two of them together reminded me a lot of my dad and Big E.  It made me smile.

I began talking to him about the train museum, his grandson, my crazy kids, etc.  He was very kind and patiently answered all of Big E's questions.  Barbara Walters better watch out.  This kid is gunning for her job!

We had been in the room about thirty minutes, which is apparently about the time it takes for Big E to completely warm up to a complete stranger.

The grandfather was sitting on the floor doing puzzles with his grandson.

I watched Big E grab a book and bring it over to the man I will forever refer to as Replacement Poppy (RP).


I immediately intervened.  I didn't want Big E to take away from RP's time with his grandson.


RP graciously agreed to read the book.  I sat watching Big E.  I was amazed.

Without hesitation, he snuggled right into RP.  Big E rested his elbow on RP's leg and began to suck his thumb. He was in a trance.

Part of me found the moment to be sweet.  I know Big E misses his Poppy when he is in Florida.  I was grateful RP was being so kind to my child.

Part of me was scared sh*tless.  How does my kid not have any trepidation towards strangers?  I've seen it before, but he was much younger and unaware.

RP finished the story and Big E, unprompted by the way (YES!), thanked RP for reading him a book.  I also thanked him as I felt bad that Big E had just hijacked RP's playtime with his grandson.

I relayed the story to Mr. Yoy and we both agreed this kid needs some stranger danger lessons ASAP.  I hate to teach him to be wary of everyone, but unfortunately it has to be done.


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