The Train Museum aka a natural laxative

The past two weekends I have taken the kids to the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History.  Big E has a mild obsession with trains.  Each morning when he awakes, he asks if we are going to the museum that day.

Inside the museum there is an awesome, almost always empty, playroom for the kids.  Big E settles into a seat at the train table and Little E army crawls his way around the room.  He has a wide smile on his face the whole time.

Cumulatively, we have spent hours in this room.  I could leave them there in the morning and come back hours later and they'd still be playing quietly.  It is quite amazing.

There is one negative aspect of this room.  For the past two weekends, Little E has made not one, but two poonamis in the time we are hanging out.  This is a Mrs. Yoy no-no.  I always tell them not to go in public.  (See the Yoy Plane Etiquette)

Changing poo diapers in public is the worst.  Little E is impossible.  I quickly pull out my changing pad and do a diaper change on the floor in the playroom.  The scent lingers and I pray no one else shows up.  Several minutes go by, I think we've survived the worst of it.  And then he does it again!  Dang!

I discover the ladies restroom has a changing table and a diaper genie.  Thank you museum!

At the end of our stroll through the museum, Big E informs me he has "made dirts."

Awesome.  I lead him back through the museum maze to the restroom to do my third poop diaper change in just under an hour.

I wonder, do I win a medal for this?
The General - on display at the train museum


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