March 23rd. Day 8.

Day eight is brought to you by buckets of nonstop rain and Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, who played a live concert on Facebook tonight, and exponentially increased my mood.

Today I wavered between two emotions.

1) I've got this. The email with their assignments comes in the AM. The boys log onto their class blogs and get to work. We are becoming a well-oiled machine.

The other end of the spectrum swings to:

2) I will be locked up with these kids forever. We are all trying our best to be patient and kind and understanding, but we are like molecules bouncing off the walls and into each other. (Science requirement = CHECK.)

My kids enjoy cooking themselves in front of the fireplace, so this is where I found them doing their work. Well done, indeed!

Lunch time came quickly. Today's lunch and learn was brought to you by tortellini pasta and why landlocked countries still have Navies.
After watching this captivating video, I can tell you the answer. Because stubborn men are running their countries. The end. I just saved you some time. 

After lunch, Little E and I played our new favorite game, SUSHI GO! Not only do we enjoy eating the hell out of sushi, but now we can play a card game that reminds us how much we enjoy sushi and how terrible sushi is in EC. {sad tears}

All the sushi have faces which makes them so cute, but also makes me feel badly for eating them. Clearly, my brain function is declining as our days inside mount. 

We moved on to a 2,000 piece puzzle. We had started this puzzle in the fall, made it about halfway, but then had to box it up because I had to host some holiday and my dining room table needed to be cleared. So we are retracing some of our steps, but does it really matter because nothing really matters anymore...we have so much time. 

After puzzle time, this old lady was ready for some zzzzzs. We have a trial subscription to Disney+, so I just needed Little E to hook everything up. We (Little E) had a lot of trouble, but thankfully with wires and circuits and science and other smart words he used, he figured it out (computer science = CHECK). Little E and I climbed into bed and watched Frozen 2. But really I slept, while Little E nudged me a 1,000X to wake-up and pay attention. I tried, I really did. But my eyelids were winning the battle. Big E opted out of Frozen 2 because it is for girls (which I find to be absolutely ridiculous). We did have a nice discussion about man-made dams and while they are sometimes good for humans, they can mess up the local ecological system. (Environmental Science = CHECK)

There was very little fighting today, which I am so thankful for. I think the enormity of this is setting in for the boys.

Big E told me today he didn't think he'd have his 5th grade walk or graduation. He sounded very disappointed about it. I'm not very hopeful that it will happen either, but I'm not ready to tell him that. 

I pray that tomorrow the rain stops and we are able to get back outdoors and wave and shout to our neighbors and friends, from across the street of course. Staying indoors is so damn isolating.

Good Night!


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