March 24th. Day 9.

As I write this, Little E is in my office explaining that we aren't spending 24 hours a day together because I don't let him cuddle with me all night. But he just declared I'M GOING TO PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER!

I'm not sure what this means exactly, but I think I'm fixin' to jump in my car and do some laps on 285. Alone.

Day 9. Threat of another day-long rain scared me enough to get out of bed at 8AM to go for a walk while the boys rode their bikes around. I had to get some energy out of them. It was either this, or install a hamster wheel in the family room.

We relocated school up to the playroom for a change of scenery. The floor of my bedroom closet and the bathtub were losing their allure.

Big E dove into his mathwork. He asked me to help him with his work. Confidently, I read over the sheet and then read it again. Ummm....I sighed, stood up, and threw my math champ trophy in the garbage. I had been defeated by this volume problem. But I ask you, take a look at this sheet. Can you solve this riddle?! And if you can, can you please email me the solution? Just kidding...sort of.
It took us a little longer to finish up school work today because the boys were wrestling in between each lesson completed. I wonder if I'm the only teacher that is constantly breaking up fights between her students. Maybe if I threw on a referee shirt, I'd feel much better about how I am spending the majority of my days.

Big E found out he had been given free access to Duolingo, a website that teaches you different languages. I suggested Hebrew. Why not get a leg up on your Bar Mitzvah preparation? He vetoed that before I had finished my sentence. He wanted to learn FRENCH. Of course, so useful. He went to work learning useful things like I LOVE MY CAT and I'M EATING A CROSSAINT. (I wish).  When we transitioned to lunch, there was only one choice for my budding Francophile's lunch n learn topic.
Why France's Geography Is Almost Perfect. Geography and History (CHECK)

After lunch we settled in for our daily lazy fest. We worked on our puzzle and watched a few episodes of The Mandalorian. I know I am like three months late to this party, but can we please discuss how cute Baby Yoda is? 
Even with the glare from my window, he's still the cutest.

We heard some hustle and bustle at the front door and saw the Amazon guy approaching our house. My kids ran at the door at such a speed I thought they'd run right through the glass. They thanked him profusely through the still intact glass as he dropped off a box and then waited for him to walk away.  Inside was a quarantine gift from my parents. TOY SOLDIERS!
The boys spent the remainder of the afternoon setting up war scenarios on our back patio. Little E always had to be the losing country, and Big E knew an obscene amount of strategy. I will not being playing Risk with his ass anytime soon.  

They are fed. They are bathed. They are alive.

Good Night!


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