March 31st. Day 16.

March 31st? I'm still not convinced this is a real date, but I'm down for anything at this point.

With the forecast of rain looming over us, I got out for a forty minute walk. If you recall, Little E, the keeper of the original schedule, declined to go on this exercise jaunt as he "wasn't wearing any underwear". I guess that's a legit excuse. I was glad I got out into the fresh, pollen-filled air, as the rain started soon after I walked in the door.

For no other reason, other than the fact it was raining, Big E grabbed his shoes and went outside to play soccer with the back of my house.  Normally, I wouldn't encourage playing in the rain, but the prospect of being locked inside with him all day, trumped my fear of him catching pneumonia.

I opened up the trash to throw out my gum. And there I saw the evidence. The Yoys' breakfast. They ate Fruit by the Foot. Seems like a nutritious way to start a productive day. Sigh. I was already behind the eight ball. As soon as their sugar overdose kicked in, I'd be done for.  Who's ready for some quiet reading?!

School work began and ended shortly after this. We were wrapped up with work by 11:45AM. This leaves a loooooooooooooooooooong stretch of the day for us to be together. With free programming.

So what did we do, you may ask...

In a simple stroke of good luck (for me, of course) Big E discovered techno music. Yes. Yes, he did. He worked on some sort of semblance of breakdancing. As a child of the 80s, I was not impressed. They did it so much better in Breakin'.  But I did break out the glow sticks and the Molly. Go big or go (stay) home! Just kidding. Or am I? Of course, the techno beat provided the perfect rhythm for me to bang my head against the nearest wall. Big E got his exercise in (P.E. -CHECK!) and I found an outlet for my feelings that wasn't chocolate based.
Our lunch n learn topic for today was about counterfeiting money. I'm mildly concerned about my children's topic choices. Things seem to be getting dark. Fast. But this may come in handy when the economy collapses and Mr. Yoy is left to perform all legal work pro bono.

Side note: I had an eerily odd conversation with a checker at Target in January. He had recently graduated high school. Somehow we got to talking about how my kids watch these crazy YouTube videos, but it's all educational stuff.  So they are learning things, it's just the weirdest stuff on Earth. He confessed that the last few years of school he would look up all the topics he was learning in class on YouTube to supplement his education. And now, this is our reality. {CUE SPOOKY MUSIC}

After lunch, I was able to get Little E outside for like ten minutes of bike riding. It's better than nothing, I guess. Big E is in full hibernation mode. He hasn't left the four foot radius in front of our fireplace. I promise you, it's not hot. But calling this fireplace weather is a stretch.

Thankfully, the heavens parted and we received an Amazon delivery. During one of my middle of the night, insomnia shopping sprees, I purchased these:
Ted's Montana Grill is dead on when it comes to the number of bowls of half sour pickles I can consume (infinity) and the fact that these wax sticks keep my kids busy and quiet. It seems so simple and yet here we are.  Little E made me a coaster and Big E made a war scene complete with a combat zipline and tank.

Then I heard a car door slam. Visitors? People to see?

We ran to the back patio and there they were in flesh and blood, the highlight of our day, our Dunwoody family. They sat on the far side of the patio and we opened the back door but stayed inside. And we chatted. And it was nice and so normal except we were afraid to touch each other, but still so great.

Tomorrow is April, people. April 1st. April Fool's Day. I have heard my kids whispering about their prank planning, so I'm on high alert.  But I've got the best one up my sleeve. To wake them at 6:30AM and tell them that school is back in session!

Have a good evening!


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