March 26th. Day 11.

Day 11.

Hey y'all! It's Thursday. You may or may not know this.

I took a few deep breaths this morning, and got out of bed with the intention of being a more patient human today. I am proud to admit that Big E and I got into zero fights today.

{Virtual High Fives}

I took their computers out of hiding and they began their schoolwork. No one complained and the boys even sat far enough apart that they weren't tempted to initiate fight club in between subjects.
Little E parked at my feet while I went through our toxic mail. Enjoy these Costco coupons and a potentially deadly virus.

I learned a few things today. I learned my kids created a meme of Little E eating Big E's math homework and then sent it to their shared math teacher. This is just a glimpse of their future...sending stupid photos out via e-mail. 
I give you, "My Brother Ate My Homework"

I learned about my penchant for drama. As I received the news that the boys were definitely out of school until late April, with a possible restart date of April 27th, I went outside, and yelled WWWHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!?????, fists shaking and all. By the way, if they go back that week, that would be the absolute best birthday present ever. I'm just throwing that out into the universe, for whoever needs to hear it. 

I then came back inside and hooked this feed bag up to my face for my lunch. It helped. A little.

The boys finished up their work, ate their lunch, and hopped on their computers for zone out time. And I am ok with this. I was giving myself a break. I bowed out to the office where I'm proud to admit that I watched 16 episodes of Schitt's Creek. Really, it's the only thing getting me through quarantine. That and carbs. 

Little E received a special LEGO delivery from my folks, so he got busy building, Big E continued planning war strategies for his inevitable takeover of the world, and I received a special gift from my neighbor, Ms. C.
Georgia allergy season coinciding with a pandemic is a cruel, cruel joke.

I spent dinner hour chatting outside with my neighbors. Speaking to other adults face-to-face helps me relax. It reminds of the countless mornings we stood at the bus stop complaining about things that don't matter anymore. Oh, the good ol' days...

I'm signing off so the boys can get ready for their 8PM trivia call with our family friend, Mr. M. His goal in life is to stump them. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he doesn't. Tonight's riveting topics: History and Geography (CHECK and CHECK).

Tonight, I'm thankful that we are healthy. That I did not yell today at anyone, except Netflix and Poodle Yoy, who just took a steamer in the hall outside the office. And that I have the support of my friends and neighbors. The text chains alone are good enough to publish. 

Good Night!


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