The Boy in the Bubble

When Big E was born, I went germ crazy.  Every soap, hand sanitizer, and wipe I could lay my hands on took up residence in my diaper bag.  If I could have put Big E in a bubble, I so would have.  I wiped every surface he could potentially touch.  If he developed the sniffles or a cough, I took it as a personal failure as a mother.  This continued until he was about 18 months old.

Then, we had "the flight".  I have flown with Big E many times up to this point.  But this was the first time I was flying with him when he was mobile and I was alone and pregnant.  I had done all of the pre-game prep.  Snacks, check.  Stickers, check.  Water, check.  Toys, check.  What I didn't plan for was a flight delay.  My game plan went out the window with that two hour delay.  Now we would be in the air during prime nap time.  I immediately started sweating when we finally boarded.  This was going to be a bloodbath.   I just knew it. And, it was.  Big E's poor behavior met and surpassed every expectation.

Towards the middle of the flight, he dumped his snack cup full of cheerios all over the floor. Awesome.  See-ya cheerios, at least that is what I thought.  Big E was still determined to eat those little circles of delicious goodness.  I had to fight to keep him in my lap and not allow him to reach down to fish the cheerios off the airplane floor.  He went ballistic. Everyone was looking at me.  I had that kid.  I wanted to die.  And then I gave up.  You know what Big E?  Eat your cereal off of the airplane floor that they haven't vacuumed since the plane was put into service.  He did.  And he was quiet.  I said a million amens.

I can now say I am a recovering germaholic.

Today at lunch I let him sit in a booster seat and I didn't even wipe it down.  And I let him eat some of his animal crackers that he laid out on the table.  Take that germs!


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