Waterboarding - It's Not Just for Terrorists

Last night, Mr. Yoy gave me a hall pass.  I was headed out to my college friend's party. Before I was free for the evening, I agreed to help Mr. Yoy get both boys bathed, jammied, and into bed.  We divided up Big E and Little E.

I took Little E and bathed him first.  I was in his room getting him dressed when I heard a commotion in the bathtub.

Big E was repeatedly taking cups full of water and throwing them in his own face as Mr. Yoy prompted him with a countdown 3-2-1!  After each splash he would do a combo of fake choking, rapid blinking, and laughing.

Mr. Yoy found this highly entertaining as he is always encouraging Big E to do crazy and sometimes inappropriate things.  I'm certain that this will all play out in preschool one day and I will receive a call from his teacher that goes something like "Do you know why Big E would insert inappropriate behavior here?".  But alas, this is another blog topic for another day.

Anyway, I guess I'll have to take waterboarding off the list of potential discipline techniques as Big E seemed to enjoy it.  Bummer.


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