Costco Run

I love Costco.  Do you know why?  Because they have extremely large shopping carts.  So big that I can fit one baby in a carrier in the back and one baby up front, plus actually fit things in the shopping cart.  I use the word "fit" liberally.  I had two big boxes of diapers strategically placed.  It was like a Jenga game.  One wrong move and those size 4s were poised to crush Little E's pretty little head.  But you know what?  I am running dangerously low on diapers and I refuse to be a prisoner in my own home.  

From the other mothers roaming the Costco aisles I received looks of sympathy.  From the general public I received nervous glances.  It's not like I'm trying to give my children to them, but they still stay clear of my path.  That is fine by me as I am supermarket sweeping that place.  T minus 30 minutes until Little E expires and Big E runs out of whatever is in his snack cup.  

At the door, the receipt checker draws a smiley face on the back of our receipt and we are out of there.  This gives Big E something to look at as we navigate the blind people bumps (hold on eggs!) and make our way Frogger style through the parking lot.

I even had a nice man ask if he could take my cart back for me.  He also offered to take Big E for me.  I seriously considered it, but thought the hubs would be mad.  But really, how many Yoys does one person possibly need?


  1. I LOVE this guy! He draws one for Emma every time too. She is a little wary of him. :)


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