I don't think you're ready for this jelly...

Today I took the baby yoys to the aquarium.  After we had seen all of the exhibits we decided to eat lunch.

As I perused the food choices, I decided on a turkey sandwich for me and a PB&J sandwich for Big E.  In my mind I pictured him sitting nicely enjoying his little sandwich.  Reality bites.

I was eating my sandwich when Aunt Yoy alerted me to the sandwich massacre happening in the highchair next to me.  I glanced over and saw Big E had pulled apart the bread and was doing a faceplant into the jelly side.  He then proceeded to run his hands over his sticky face.  But it didn't stop there.  For those of you that have ever eaten a meal next to Big E, you know he can be a little touchy/feely.  He jellied me, the table, Cousin Yoy's stroller, and the back of his own head (my personal favorite).

Looking back, I have to say that PB&J was a bad mommy decision.  I'm not sure where my brain was.  Minus one for me.

And now I've got Destiny's Child running through my head.


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