Warning Sign

If I had to put a yellow warning sign on Little E's crib it would be "Watch for falling trucks!"

Poor, sweet Little E.  I heard him stirring from his evening nap and brought Big E upstairs with me for a final diaper change and to get Little E.

Big E ran into Little E's room and gave him what we like to call an "E-hole" wake-up call.  Big E threw his truck into Little E's crib and got him right on the forehead.  I think this was a calculated move.  Big E has been waiting since the barfing episode last night to enact his revenge.  He is smarter than we all give him credit for.  He was probably up all night concocting this plan.

I calmed Little E down and made Big E apologize.  It sort of sounded like a "sorry" so I'll take that as a personal victory.

I'm still a little angry at Big E, but as I'm typing this he is in his crib singing "Happy Birthday to You!"

How can I possibly stay mad at him?


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