The sweatpants of cars

We are in the market for a new car so I can cart the little Yoys around in a much safer and sweeter ride.

I only have eyes for the minivan.  I have been coveting one since my first outing with Big E. I came out to my car and realized only Kate Moss would be able to slip her way between my car and the car that had parked next to me and still have room to load a baby in a carrier.  I have been known to turn my baby completely sideways in the carrier to navigate him into the car.

My husband has made it very clear that he will never drive a minivan.  Apparently, this is an image killer for him.  He is very concerned about his cool points.  I had to remind him that we are Jewish and that this is an automatic deduction of cool points, minivan or not.

The quest for our next vehicle has caused many heated discussions between us.  This is worse than when we were selecting our children's names or our wedding dishes.  Augustus anyone?

Don't fret friends, it looks like a compromise is in the works.  But, I don't think I'm going to get my minivan after all.  I hopefully will enjoy whatever we end up purchasing.

Don't worry minivan, I still only have eyes for you.


  1. Even though I don't need more room for any tikes...I have been trying to justify getting one of those crossover SUV's.....Mercedes has a nice one the R350...that way Mr. Yoy won't lose too many cool points because it is a BENZ!! And when my uncle bought his they gave him driving gloves and a matching hat!!!

  2. I am pretty sure we'll never own a Mercedes. Or a loser cruiser (mini van).


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