No Pictures!

I take a lot of pictures of my kids.  I have taken over 7,000 since Big E was born.  I am so worried I am going to miss the perfect smile or the first time they sit up.  I am the first to admit it is overkill and for those of you on my picture distribution list, I apologize.

Yesterday, Big E slipped on Daddy Yoy's shoes and was walking around our bedroom.  It was really funny (well at least to me) so I grabbed the camera and started shooting away.

It was then that I experienced Big E's first expression of annoyance directed at me.  He yelled "No Pictures!"  I felt like I was the paparazzi and he was Charlie Sheen.

Wow, it started so young.  THIS is annoying him?  Oh, does he have a long 16 years ahead of him.  What about when I pick him up from school honking and waving enthusiastically?  (I'm pulling from my own childhood here.)  Or, make Big E and Little E wear matching outfits to school?  (This is in the works!)

Mostly, Daddy Yoy and I are disappointed because we so badly wanted Big E to be a baby model.  Who knew he hated the camera?


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