Sleeping with the enemy

Do you remember that movie?  The one with Martin Burney who was Type A to the nth degree?  This movie totally creeped me out.  I would become anxious if I opened my kitchen pantry to find all of the cans aligned just so or all of the hand towels neatly hanging in my bathroom.

Today I had such a Martin Burney moment (if he was a two year old).  I was standing at the sink doing my daily wash of baby bottles and such.  I admit I was daydreaming a little. When I turned around I was shocked to see all eleven of my kitchen drawers completely opened.  Big E was quietly "reading" in his playroom.  I'm just hoping it was actually him...

Is that classical music I hear in the background?


  1. You mean someone would actually line up the cans in your pantry just to freak you out????


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