File This Away

I was pulling together all of our 2010 tax information.  I even made a little file that I kept in the office filing cabinet.  I opened up the drawer to put away some more tax documents when I came upon two pairs of Big E's socks.  I knew I wasn't losing it!  I had been looking for them.  So...this was Big E's stash spot.

Fast forward a few days.  After the little yoys go to sleep I usually spend about 30 minutes trying to undo the daily damage inflicted upon the downstairs area by the two babies.  Little E had had a spectacular day of reflux, so I was collecting all of his dirty clothes to take upstairs.  Where were his socks, bib, pants, and sweatshirt?  I did a lap downstairs.  No clothes.

Then a light bulb went off.  Surely, Big E didn't swipe the dirty clothes, did he?  I walked over to the office and pulled open the filing cabinet.  There, shoved into my 2010 tax file, were Little E's dirty clothes.

I laughed.  That's what I love about Big E.  Even after he is fast asleep, he can still make me laugh.

Too bad I can't itemize the dirty clothes on my Schedule A. (A little accounting humor for my tax colleagues.)


  1. At least he is organized! File those clothes under S for SMELLY...

  2. I saw him take another pair of socks in there today. I haven't looked in the drawer yet, but I'm about 99% sure he filed the socks away.

  3. I found ANOTHER pair of socks in the file drawer today. I wonder how long they were in there.


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